Miramax Gangs Of New York Soundtrack

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Title: Music from the Miramax Motion Picture Gangs Of New York
Tracks: 18
Type: OST
Composer: Howard Shore
Released: 2002
MP3 Bitrate: 320 kbps
Length: 56 min.
Size: 123 Mb
Category: Crime, Drama, Movie Soundtracks

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Track Listing

01. "Brooklyn Heights" 1
02. Dark Moon, High Tide (performed by Afro Celt Sound System)
03. Gospel Train (performed by The Silver Leaf Quartet)
04. The Hands That Built America (performed by U2)
05. Shimmy She Wobble (performed by Otbar Turner and The Rising Star Fife and Drum Band)
06. Breakaway (performed by Sidney Stripling)
07. Signal To Noise (performed by Peter Gabriel)
08. New York Girls (vocal performed by Finbar Furey)
09. The Murderer's Home (performed by Jimpson & Group)
10. Dionysus (performed by Jocelyn Pook)
11. "Brooklyn Heights" 2
12. Morrison's Jig / Liberty (performed by Mariano De Simone)
13. Durgen Chugaa (traditional arranged by Boris Salchak, performed by Shu-De)
14. Unconstant Lover (performed by Maura O'Connell)
15. Devil's Tapdance (performed by Vittorio Schiboni, Massimo Giuntini, Rodrigo D'Erasmo & Mariano De Simone)
16. Beijing Opera Suite (arranged by Anxi Jiang)
17. Paddy's Lamentation (arranged by Linda Thompson & Teddy Thompson, performed by Linda Thompson)
18. "Brooklyn Heights" 3

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