The Tudors Soundtrack (Season 3)

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Title: Music from The Original Television series The Tudors: Season 3
Tracks: 32
Type: Score
Composer: Trevor Morris
Released: 2010
MP3 Bitrate: 320 kbps
Length: 64 min.
Size: 145 Mb
Category: Television Soundtracks

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Track Listing

01. Jane Seymour's Theme (composer's sketch)
02. The Tudors Main Title
03. Season 3 Recap
04. Henry Marries Jane Symour
05. The Pilgrimage Of Grace
06. Lady Mary's Decision
07. Jane Washes Her Hair
08. Cromwell Dispatches The Letter
09. Quails Eggs
10. A New Parliament In York
11. Christmas Tide
12. The Rebellion Stands Down
13. The Death Of Robert Aske
14. Elizabeth Arrives At Court
15. A Howling Wilderness; The Death Of Jane Seymour
16. Henry Talks To His Fool
17. Brandon Sees Ghosts
18. A Committment To Change
19. Grand Movements
20. The Fool Criticizes Henry
21. A Fight In Court
22. Henry In Solitude
23. For Thine Is The Kingdom, The Power And The Glory
24. A Throne Fit For A Fool
25. Meet Prince Edward
26. A Vigil For Our Sick King
27. Waldburg's True Story
28. Henry Suffers Another Incident
29. Cromwell Visits Anne Of Cleves
30. Cromwell Is Arrested
31. Cromwell Is Led To His Death
32. A New Temptation

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