The Village Soundtrack (Complete Score)

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Download The Village Soundtrack (Complete Score)
Title: Complete Motion Picture Score The Village
Tracks: 22
Type: Complete Score
Composer: James Newton Howard
Released: 2004
MP3 Bitrate: 320 kbps
Length: 64 min.
Size: 144 Mb
Category: Movie Soundtracks, Romance, Thriller

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Track Listing

01. Openning Credits
02. Noah Visits
03. What Are You Asking Me?
04. The Bad Color
05. Those We Don't Speak Of
06. Ivy's Lullaby (Feat. Bryce Dallas Howard)
07. Will You Help Me?
08. I Cannot See His Color
09. Deepest Sorrow, Lucius Hunt
10. They Left More Warnings
11. Rituals
12. That Is Why I Am On This Porch
13. The Elders Secrets
14. The Gravel Road
15. Race To Resting Rock
16. The Forbidden Line
17. The Vote
18. It Is All That I Can Give You
19. It Is Not Real
20. The Shed Not To Be Used
21. Finale
22. End Titles

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